Weekend Journey: Reigniting Purpose

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Awakening the subconscious

Why are you here? What drives you and how does that manifest in the world around you? Knowing why you do what you do helps you feel which decisions are right, stay on course, find your center and fulfillment. Having deeper meaning will make you more resilient against the ups and downs of each day.

This weekend will offer stillness and space to recognize the meaning which kindles the life within you. Through guided meditations, playfulness, activities, reflection and sharing with others, together we will seek self-discovery that comes from the wisdom within. You will find that the knowledge is already there – or at least that your deepest feelings can guide you.

Why did we choose this topic?

Hannah Arendt couldn’t say it better when she wrote:

“The Good can be radical, but The Bad only extreme, because it has neither depth nor any demonic dimension. The Bad cannot be deep, only superficial, and exactly that is why it spreads so fast. The Bad sprouts from the inability to dig deep and start thinking.”

This is why we are convinced that when people become aware of their deepest meaning, they can become a beacon to themselves and others. We would have a world that is more beautiful, cleaner and full of compassion when more people live according to their personal mission, take it more seriously and act congruently.

Who would benefit?

We are looking for people who are curious to explore, (re)discover and connect with their current personal purpose or that of their organisation, project or business.

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”. – John F. Kennedy

Overall program

Friday evening: Welcome & introduction
An evening of gentle landing, getting to know each other and group connection

Saturday: Diving in, get still and connect
A day to connect with yourself, with each other, with nature and with your calling through journaling, guided meditation and storytelling.

Sunday: Sense-making and surfacing
A day to discover what is asked from you, as an individual, and from us, as humans. Deepen and define your purpose during storytelling bonfire ritual

Info and response

Course will be predominantly in English, but ‘support’ is available for Dutch speaking participants

This weekend is now fully booked! Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of future events.